Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here is the FREE E-Book on how to Increase your Ad Earnings Now!

How to Earn More From Advertising on your Website !

By Chad Creel

We will share with you how you can get more daily traffic and guaranteed more clicks on your Websites Ads every day. If you are using 3rd Party Ads on your websites such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Infolinks or any of the other numerous advertising companies than it would be beneficial for you to read this FREE report.

If you are like me you are always looking for ways to make an extra buck and increasing your daily earnings. I am going to show you a few ways to increase your earnings and traffic to your pages and also get some good increase in your daily clicks and impressions. Also we will show you in the last portion of this info guide about how to make some decent income with Parked websites. This E-Book will be short and sweet so stick with us for just a few minutes and we will show you how to get started earning more and more everyday with your websites and parked domains.

Ok first we are going to start with how to earn more with the advertising you put on your websites and blogs. This method works the best when you have domains as the clicks you get will be worth more, but if you use free blogs such as blogspot.com then you will still make money but you will not make as much as the same topic on a website. Once you get your websites and blogs up and running and place adsense, adbrite, infolinks or any of the other many advertising programs on the net, you need to build what we call a portal page. A portal page is just a page with a link to your website (which needs to open in a new box) and maybe a picture and short description of your website. The Portal Page cannot have any advertising links on it whatsoever. Then once you have the Portal Page setup you will go here to join a Directory called The Portal Directory click here to join now.

Once you join the Portal Directory you will be able to add up to 20 Portal Pages to the rotation and then you will start surfing at least 10 pages a day or more and others will surf your pages as well and remember your pages that you put into rotation are just the portal pages that lead to your real domains and blogs so this is totally safe and with correct participation can be very lucrative. Also when you do not have time to surf there are great advertising packages you can just purchase and setup to be spread over the portal pages you wish to be surfed for that given day or week. So go here to get started with the Portal Directory to increase your daily advertising earnings.

Now on to making more money by Parking domains. I use Parked.Com to park domains and have found it to be the best. There are a few others out there but they are more strict about the traffic you send and if most do not allow you do send any traffic at all. With Parked.com you are required to start with 10 domains, it make sound like a lot at first but if you go toeGoDaddy.com to get domains usually you can get a deal on .info extensions for around $.99 and so you get 10 domain names for around 11 or 12 bucks. You can easily make this back in the first week or two that you use this or maybe even the first day in some cases. When shopping for these domain names make sure you get some good keywords that advertisers pay well for such as financial websites, credit card websites, medical keywords, sometimes cars and real estate as well. If you get good domains your keywords that the parking website gives your page will pay you more.

Once you have purchased your domains and parked them on Parked.com you need to build a portal page like the ones we explained above in the first example except this portal page need to link all 10 domains to this 1 Portal page with links that will open in another page and make this page a Sales Page. The reason you make this a sales page for your domains is this is a method that Parked.Com will allow you to use to advertise your domain names since it makes it look like you are trying to sell them which you can sell them this way but since starting do this over a year ago I have not had any offers on the pages I listed in The Portal Directory. So now you have your pages listed on your Websites for Sale Portal Page now all you have to do is add your new Portal Page to The Portal Directory and start earning right away.

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